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REPORT: Centering Black Women, Girls, Gender NC People & Femmes in Campaigns for Expanded Sanctuary and Freedom Cities

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT NOW BY CLICKING HERE DOWNLOAD THE REPORT NOW BY CLICKING HERE On Thursday September 14th, 2017, the Ms. Foundation published the report Centering Black Women, Girls, Gender Nonconforming People and Fem(me)s in Campaigns For Expanded Sanctuary and Freedom Cities, by Andrea Ritchie and Monique Morris (National […]

What is Sex Work?

By Katya Schoenberg, WWAV Summer Volunteer This summer, Amnesty International made mainstream headlines with the announcement of its upcoming vote on whether or not to advocate for global decriminalization of sex work. The announcement came with some backlash, most notably from celebrities such as Lena Dunham who signed a misguided […]