Transgender Law Center Launches “Positively Trans (T+)” Survey!

**Are you a Trans person living with HIV? CLICK HERE to take the Postitively Trans (T+) Survey today in English or Spanish or go to** This summer the Transgender Law Center launched Positively Trans (T+), a constituent-led project that draws on the power of community storytelling to examine the social and political landscape for HIV+ […]

Dear Women of Hollywood: A Response to Protests Against Amnesty International

Amnesty International recently released a policy proposal calling for the decriminalization of the exchange of sex between consenting adults. In the proposal, Amnesty states its position “is based on the human rights principle that consensual sexual conduct between adults—which excludes acts that involve coercion, deception, threats, or violence—is entitled […]

What is Sex Work?

By Katya Schoenberg, WWAV Summer Volunteer This summer, Amnesty International made mainstream headlines with the announcement of its upcoming vote on whether or not to advocate for global decriminalization of sex work. The announcement came with some backlash, most notably from celebrities such as Lena Dunham who signed a misguided […]

June is LGBTQ Pride Month

June is LGBTQ Pride month, and with marriage equality making strides across the country it is the perfect time to evaluate the status of LGBTQ folks across the country and within the state of Louisiana. Currently, President Obama is the first president to affirm support for same-sex marriage, and some time […]