Call out for HEALERS With A Vision!


Join Us! Call: 504-301-0428
Email: lhwwav@gmail.com

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We envision a network of healers gathering for the healing of the community as radical response to the constant trauma, increased policing, and decreased access to healthy food options and community wellness choices. We the healers (body workers, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionist, nurses, social workers, street medics, and many more) believe in promoting universal access to safe and people-centered healthcare, working to end oppression through healthcare and healing of all varieties, encouraging a culture of self-care within activist communities, and in the innate ability of individuals and communities to heal themselves. We are also working to challenge oppression within each of our fields and encourage new, radical ways of connecting with one another and healing each other.

We believe that community healing and love liberates to life. In love and liberation, we are committed to the creation of monthly “Community Care Nights” so that the community has access to traditional, and inclusive, care methods including:

  • A night of free, alternative healing for activists, organizers, service providers or anyone needing care.
  • A drop-in space, that is sensitive and trauma-informed, for solidarity wellness care. No appointment needed. Donations gladly accepted.
  • Reiki, NADA ear acupuncture, counseling with a nurse or social worker, and other services will be available.
  • Provide healthy food access for the community

Healers will also meet monthly to plan said events, provide updates on community needs, and to discuss expansion of services as needed.We remain an inclusive space, which will always provide space for healers and community members who need healing, who are queer, trans, and people of color.


Join Us! Call: 504-301-0428 Email: lhwwav@gmail.com


Lakeesha Harris, Reproductive Justice and Sexual Health Program Manager

#MyExistenceIsPolitical #WWAV #HealersWithAVision #TrustBlackWomen #QTPOCHealing

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